Australian Pricing


  • 2015 Australian Average CIF Price = US $41 (Freedonia 2016)
  • 2016 Bulk Pilbara Salt CIF China = US $42-54 ( 2016)
  • 2020 Forecast Australian CIF Price = US $48 (Freedonia 2016)
  • 2023/24 Eramurra Target CIF Price = US $57 (AU $74)
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Australian Snapshot

  • Australia is the world's largest exporter and sixth largest producer of salt

  • Over 90% of Australian salt is produced from five major operations in the Pilbara

  • Total production in 2017 was around 11Mt for export to the Asian chemical markets; Japan 26%, Korea, China 19%, Taiwan 18%, Korea 16% and Indonesia 11%

  • Australian salt has formed an accepted chemical market standard for decades

  • More than 20Mt of new Asia-Pacific chemical demand forecast by 2023/24


Pilbara saltfield operations.

Major Australian Production on Solar Evaporation Map of Australia (

Australian Pilbara salt stockpiled for export.



Global Snapshot

  • World demand for salt is around 270Mt valued at US $13 billion

  • Global consumption is forecast to grow through 2020 to 335Mt valued at $14 billion

  • Australia produces 11Mt pa for Asia-Pacific (chlor-alkali) chemical markets

  • Global demand driven by population growth and industrialisation

  • Almost all industrial salt market growth confined to Asia-Pacific chemical markets

  • More than 20Mt of new Asia-Pacific chemical demand forecast by 2023/24


Industrial Salt Demand, Asia-Pacific Region (Modified from Freedonia 2016)

PVC Products from Industrial Salt Manufacture in China

PVC Products from Industrual Salt Manufacture in Asia


"The Asia-Pacific chemical markets form the epicentre for global growth in the chemical salt trade........Despite being heavily reliant on Australian production, there has been virtually no new development for decades. We see strong demand growth and a future supply shortfall, equivalent to at least double Australia’s current production by the time Eramurra is scheduled for first production."

John Canaris - Managing Director