• First order site located between major existing WA salt operations

  • Exploration licences granted & preliminary field test work completed

  • Ideally located at Cape Preston East Multi-User Port export point

  • Unlimited seawater resource, no exploration or resource risk

  • Strong growth in demand forecast for the Asia-Pacific export markets

  • Base case 2.2Mtpa operation - Scope for expansion & increased production

Leichhardt Colour.jpg

Project Area - forty mile beach to Cape Preston

E47/3072, E47/3301, E47/3956, E08/2887, E47/4015 (GRANTED)

E08/3042, P08/732, E08/2782 E47/4015 E08/3062, P08/736, (APPLICATIONS)

  • Ideally located - Cape Preston East Multi-user development corridor

  • Efficient - Final production located at loading & export point

  • Cyclone Resistant - Natural seawall, perched above hi-storm surge, product security

  • Unique Design & Layout - allows for finer production control.

  • Highest-Spec - Targeting ultra hi-purity industrial solar salt production

Soil sampling shows remarkably consistent results over an extensive production area

  • Concentrator salt flats and crystalliser clayey flats sampled 2015-2018

  • Tri-axial soil sampling and hand auger testing to depth

  • Percolation testing and grain size distribution completed (Germany 2016-2018)

  • Results are remarkably consistent; +50% clay over extensive areas

  • Calculated very low permeability estimates

  • Conclusion: soils are highly suitable for pond development at Eramurra