Corporate Governance 

Roles and responsibilities of the Board and management

The role of the Board is to approve the strategic direction of the Group, guide and monitor the management of Leichhardt and its business in achieving its strategic plans and oversee good governance practice. The Board aims to protect and enhance the interests of its shareholders, while taking into account the interests of other stakeholders, including employees, customers, suppliers and the wider community. In performing its role, the Board is committed to a high standard of corporate governance practice and fostering a culture of compliance which values ethical behaviour, personal and corporate integrity, accountability and respect for others. The Board has a charter which clearly sets out its role and responsibilities and describes those matters expressly reserved for the Board’s determination and those matters delegated to management. The Leichhardt Managing Director has responsibility for the day-to-day management of the Company and its businesses, and is supported in this function by the Leichhardt Leadership Team.

Aboriginal Engagement

The Yaburara and Coastal Mardudhunera People are the Aboriginal descendants of the ancestral owners for traditional country. The Yaburara and Coastal Mardudhunera Aboriginal Corporation (“YACMAC”) is the corporate body established to represents the interests of the Yaburara and Mardudhunera People. It is a relatively small organisation with a hundred members. In July 2018 the Federal Court ordered that the new Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) Wirrawandi Aboriginal Corporation hold native title in trust for the Yaburara & Mardudhunera claimants.

Leichhardt has been engaged with YACMAC which has a long track history of successful negotiation with resource companies in the area. Leichhardt recognises the Aboriginal Custodians and their connection with land and country. We seek to engage and form long-lasting relationships with the Aboriginal claimants for our project areas, that provide benefits to both parties. We seek to remain sensitive to the heritage values of the Aboriginal people affected, and are committed to ensuring through consultation that these values are recognised and positive outcomes are obtained.

Code of Conduct

Leichhardt is committed to conducting business in an open and accountable way. Our corporate governance practices are of a high standard and assist in ensuring the delivery of shareholder value while maintaining stakeholder integrity. We accept that we have a leadership role in setting and articulating corporate governance standards in Australia. Our Code of Conduct is underpinned by the values to be open, trustworthy, original and to be an example for others. By maintaining compliance with this Code of Conduct Leichhardt aims to maintain a high standard of integrity and stakeholder confidence.