Leichhardt Industrials is a working partnership to develop Australian industrial salt

  • Incorporated in July 2016 to fund and develop the Eramurra Industrial Salt Project
  • Established to provide technical and corporate management to the project
  • Comprised of Tracker Global Pty Ltd; a Perth based resource project incubator
  • Includes ConSalt GmbH; a Hamburg based world leading industrial salt consultancy
  • Invested by Resource Capital Funds ("RCF") in 2018; a Denver based private equity firm

Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Leichhardt was a German explorer, made famous for his treks into the outback of Australia.

Leichhardt Industrials Pty Ltd is named in recognition of our Australian-German partnership.

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Tracker Global pty ltd

  • A Perth based, privately held & funded resource project incubator
  • Established in 2013 to identify & develop industrial resource opportunities
  • Providing working capital and corporate management
  • Funded the identification and securing of the Eramurra Project
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COnSalt GmbH

  • A Hamburg based private industrial mineral consultancy
  • More than 35 years' experience in all aspects of solar salt design &  execution
  • Provides project exploration & planning, and production leadership
  • Expertise in rock mechanics & stability, modelling & field support


  • Pioneered the concept of a mining-focussed private equity fund
  • Partners with companies to build strong, successful and sustainable businesses
  • Strives to produce superior returns for all stakeholders
  • Collaborates using its extensive commercial and technical experience in mining
  • RCF has supported 174 mining companies with projects located in 51 countries across 30 commodities